Jane Bickerstaffe on 40 years of INCPEN
CIWM Journal, February 2015

Recognition That Packaging Prevents Waste At Last!
CIWM Journal, February 2015

UK recycling: what will it take to get back on track?
Materials Recycling World, 10th January 2015

The Future of Packaging
The Times, 19th November 2014

Waste Not, Want Not: our view in Inside Packaging. Dec 2014
INCPEN featured on Inside Packaging 'Waste Not Want Not'

Alan Davey - In defence of expanded polystyrene
Packaging News 23 january 2014

The answer to the litter problem is simple: stop littering
Packaging News, 20 January 2014

Packs fight the food mountain
Packaging News, 8 January 2014

Fight Against Food Waste Gets Political
Food Manufacture, January 2014

Will 2014 be the year when we stop talking about preventing climate change and start enabling societies to cope with its effects?
2Degrees, 6 January 2014

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