Composition of Litter in Scotland
Survey of the same 120 sites in four areas of Scotland assessed in 2014 with results compared

Consumer attitudes to packaging at point of purchase
The trend of sustainable consumption has become an important part of everyday life, influencing not only the political, economic and social context, but also the patterns of daily consumption.

Litter composition survey of Scotland
Done to inform the Scottish government’s Litter Strategy

Checking Out Food Waste
identifies the top 20 types of food that go to waste or are reduced-to-clear between retail depot and checkout.

Packaging & the Internet
Practical guidance on how to design packaging for multichannel delivery systems

Why Products are Packaged the Way they are
Explains the reasons why 12 frequently purchased products are packaged the way they are.

Packaging myths
Presentation by INCPEN, to LINPAC/IFST - Institute of Food Science & Technology

Food Loss & Waste & Food Packaging
Extent, Causes and Solutions, and the Link with Developing Countries presentation by Joseph Mpagalile March 2013

Fresher for Longer
Research by INCPEN, WRAP, Kent Waste Partnership, FDF, Packaging Fed and BRC on keeping food 'Fresher for Longer'.

Municipal Waste Composition
An analysis of packaging in municipal waste in England 2006/7 by Resources Futures

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