7 November 2013

WRAP report confirms INCPEN’s 1995 findings

INCPEN welcomes the latest update by WRAP of food waste statistics which show a 21% reduction in food waste since 2007, reflecting not just changes in household behaviour but also the on-going efforts by the food supply industry.  

INCPEN began highlighting these issues back in 1995 with research into household behaviour conducted by Dutch professor Jan Kooijman.  Packaging and the UK Food Supply Chain identified the until-then unrecognised fact that single-person households - which are currently nearly a third of UK households, and increasing - have a greater environmental impact than households with three or more inhabitants.

INCPEN members addressed this issue by developing more single serve packs and INCPEN published the first edition of The Green Kitchen: Recipes for a Better Planet which offers households practical advice on how to reduce their food waste and environmental impacts - and save money.  Over a million copies of The Green Kitchen have been distributed and a new 5th edition is in preparation.  

INCPEN is one of the partners in the Fresher for Longer project, part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. It explains that packaged food lasts longer at home and so reduces food waste. Packaging also reduces waste by preventing food becoming spoiled or damaged in transit. We’re pleased to continue our work to better inform households by collaborating with Love Food Hate Waste.


Notes: INCPEN is The Industry Council for research on Packaging & the Environment - was set up in 1974 to study the environmental and social impacts of packaging. It draws together an influential group of manufacturers and retailers that operate throughout the supply chain and share a common interest in packaging, the environment and sustainable development.

Food that goes to waste is also a waste of all the resources – energy, water, materials, money and time - invested in producing it.  Our consumer campaign The Good, the Bad and the Spudly highlights the environmental cost of having to make replacement products.  

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