2 October 2013

Supply chain group shares Scottish government resource efficiency aims

Responding to today’s speech in Glasgow by Richard Lochhead MSP, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, in which he referred to "the expertise of a wide range of supply chain business who want to work with the Scottish government on positive outcomes”, Jane Bickerstaffe, INCPEN Director said,

"We support the Government’s desire to increase recycling and reduce litter. And we’re ready to work constructively to demonstrate appropriate and effective ways to safeguard Scotland’s resources.

He also referred to learning from other countries. 

Bickerstaffe said, "We can learn from other countries but we also need to understand the differences. For example, the Swedish deposit return system would not be appropriate for Scotland. Like Scotland, Sweden has a litter problem despite its deposits scheme.  It has recently tightened up its litter laws and introduced on-the-spot-fines. In terms of recycling, Sweden is very different as it has never had a national kerbside collection, as Scotland has.”


INCPEN - The Industry Council for research on Packaging & the Environment - was set up in 1974 to study the environmental and social impacts of packaging. It draws together an influential group of manufacturers and retailers that operate throughout the supply chain and share a common interest in packaging, the environment and sustainable development.

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