Fresher for Longer- packaged foods prevent waste

INCPEN is working with WRAP, Kent Waste Partnership, the Food and Drink Federation, the
Packaging Federation and the British Retail Consortium to help consumers keep food
'Fresher for Longer'.

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Global Action Plan

Fresher for Longer School’s Project, managed by Global Action Plan (GAP), was a new initiative that extended the reach of the Fresher for Longer Campaign into schools and local communities.  The project gave students, from ten schools across the country, a chance to tackle food waste in their own school communities and through active engagement, plus sponsorship and guidance from local packaging companies, the students learnt how packaging protects food on its journey from field to fork.

Each student group designed and implemented their own food waste behaviour change programmes among their classmates, teachers, families and even local businesses and local governments .   The project has reached 220,906 people to date (May 2015). Click here to see the full report.

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We've worked for many years to help consumers to reduce food waste and to explain how good packaging prevents it. Check out our seasonal recipes in the Green Kitchen; recipes for a better planet and get advice on how to shop, store and cook food in an energy-efficient, environmentally responsible way.

It takes significant amounts of resources, energy, water, time and money to grow and produce food. If the food doesn't survive the journey from farm to fork, all those resources go to waste.


Good packaging is the best solution.

Packaging protects food from the farm to the shops so it arrives home fresh and in perfect condition.

Packaging helps it keep fresh at home too. Follow the storage instructions on the packaging to keep it that way.

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We've also done detailed studies to understand the environmental impact of growing, processing, transporting, storing and cooking food - Table for One; the energy cost to feed one person and Environmental Impact of Packaging in the UK Food Supply System.

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