National anti-litter campaign

Support our call on Government to take a lead on one national anti-litter plan. 

Litter is getting worse so itís time for Government to take a strategic lead and make sure we all work together. There are lots of excellent anti-litter initiatives and short-term campaigns but no coordinated long term programme.

A national plan needs to prevent and clear up ALL litter.

Piecemeal attempts that target selected types donít work because LITTER BREEDS LITTER.

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Litter breeds litter


Weíre working with HUBBUB to trial new, fun ways to prevent litter and have been working together to draw up a manifesto calling on everyone to get involved and on Government:
"Donít loiter on litter. Create a strategy that has teeth. Show leadership by providing or stimulating funding. Engage with the signatories of the Litter Prevention Commitment and other important stakeholders to create a robust plan winning widespread support.Ē

Check out the latest from Neat Streets including NAKED BIN MEN and 'VOTE WITH YOUR BUTT'

INCPEN has been campaigning against littering for many years and has been a member and supporter of Keep Britain Tidy since the 1970s.  See Litter and Packaging.
We have commissioned numerous pieces of research to better understand the issue:-


Tidyman We encourage INCPEN members and other companies to use the Tidyman logo or an adaptation of the Tidyman on products likely to be used outdoors.  Anti-littering messages are a key part of INCPENís highly respected materials for schools.

The cure for litter is a comprehensive approach that includes educating people, provision of infrastructure, effective cleaning and law enforcement.  Everyone wants a clean environment. The solution is in our hands; letís  bin all rubbish.